Beautiful Renders in SketchUp

Rayscaper is an interactive, photorealistic render engine for SketchUp that is fun to use. SketchUp users can create beautiful photorealistic visualizations of their designs in seconds using Rayscaper's intuitive workflow.

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With our affordable licenses, Rayscaper is within everyone's reach, from hobbyists to seasoned professionals. There is no need to break the bank to make stunning visualizations.

Interactive First

Rayscaper is an interactive renderer. All updates to the scene are reflected in Rayscaper in real-time, allowing you to quickly experiment with different settings to perfect the final look of your renders quickly.

SketchUp Integration

Rayscaper has first-class SketchUp integration. No longer exporting scenes to use in another program. With Rayscaper, updates reflect directly in the rendered image, drastically reducing the time to create high-quality renders.

Asset Library

Rayscaper comes with more than 1000 free render-ready assets. HDRIs, textures, and materials. Quickly style your scenes without hassle.


With Rayscaper, you don't have to choose between CPU and GPU, Rayscaper supports them both. You can use Rayscaper on both low-end and high-end machines - no need to compromise.

AI Denoiser

Rayscaper has a powerful AI denoiser. With our denoiser, you can get noise-free images in seconds. The time you had to wait hours to get noise-free renders is over.