Rayscaper pencil scene

Rayscaper pencil scene by Rich O' Brien.

Rayscaper is an interactive, photorealistic render engine for SketchUp that is fun to use. With Rayscaper, SketchUp users can create photorealistic visualizations of their design in seconds.

Rayscaper can render on the CPU or GPU 1. Rayscaper supports Windows and Mac (coming soon).

To install Rayscaper, first, follow the installation guide. Subsequently, we have a quick start to help you get a brief overview of Rayscaper's most essential features. Our documentation explains Rayscaper in detail.

When stuck with Rayscaper, look at our FAQ or ask for help.

  1. Rayscaper only supports NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability 5.0 or higher. It can leverage hardware ray tracing on RTX GPUs, if available. You can check your GPU on the NVIDIA compute capability page