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Rayscaper is going Beta

Hey folks!

I am super proud to announce that Rayscaper is going Beta today! After almost nine months of development, Rayscaper is graduating to beta status. We built enough features to make it valuable for most creators and squashed so many bugs that it's stable enough for daily use.

The current release, Rayscaper 0.9.0, will be the first Beta, and we will continue squashing bugs, improving things, and building new features to set out to do what we promised in our roadmap.

I want to thank all those brave users who helped test Rayscaper and provided valuable feedback. Please keep the bug reports and great feedback flowing. A special thank you to my friend Rich O'Brien from SketchUcation. He has been there from the beginning, testing buggy releases and providing valuable feedback. His feedback was valuable in shaping Rayscaper into what it is today and what it will become.

With this first beta release, Rayscaper provides enough value for users looking for an affordable rendering engine. Thus, I will start charging for Rayscaper. As a thank you to the early users, I will offer Rayscaper at a discount for the early adopters:

  • $74.99 one-time for SketchUcation premium members.
  • $99.99 one-time for non-premium members.

Buy your discounted license now on SketchUcation.

This one-time offer is until Sunday, March 23, 23:59 UTC. After that, we will charge our regular prices, which are still affordable:

  • $149.99 one-time for SketchUcation premium members.
  • $199.99 one-time for non-premium members.

When you buy a license, you will get:

  • All updates and patches for Rayscaper 1.0.
  • All additions to the Rayscaper 1.0 assets library.
  • One-year e-mail support.
  • Unlimited community support via the SketchUcation forum.

If you have an alpha license, you can still use Rayscaper for free until the license expires. You can also use Rayscaper for free, with all features but with watermarked renders (free version limitations).

Thanks for your continued support!